Friday, September 2, 2011

MTSA Update

In July 2011, the Transportation Security Administration began using a new version of the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC). Other than a change in version number and date on the back of the card, there are no visible differences between the new card and the previous version. However, facility and vessel security personnel should be aware of this change in order to assist in the recognition of authentic TWICs and in the detection of fraudulent TWICs.

The MTSA Policy Advisory Council (PAC), which issues period bulletins designed to assist MTSA-regulated facilities and vessels with the implementation of the MTSA program, published two new PAC decisions in July 2011: (1) PAC 02-11: Waiving Facilities that Transfer Certain Low Risk Commodities; and (2) PAC 05-03 Change 1: Applying MTSA Regulations to Facilities Having Periods of Variable Risk. Both are available on the Coast Guard’s Homeport website.

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  1. Coould you post a copy of PAC 05-03 CH 1? It's not listed on the MTSA PAC page of Homeport.